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Let the training begin!

It's gonna be a long, hard summer - I've just registered for my first ever ultra Marathon - eeeeek! 

Now I've lost a chunk of weight, and am about as fit and strong as I've ever been, I'm easing myself back into long distance walking.  I'm almost at my target weight (well, I'm less than a stone away from a weight that I don't really want to go below...I haven't actually set a target, if that makes sense).  But once the maintenance phase starts - that's for LIFE.  And that's a whole new challenge in itself.  Knowing I like to have goals to focus on, I started thinking about fitness challenges.  I do a lot of exercise, but it's all because I enjoy it, and not easily transferable to being goal based.  I do a wee bit of weight lifting (should really do more), but I think it'd bore the tits off me to have weight based goals.  And I do loads of zumba and clubbercise - can't exactly set tangible goals there. 

So I'm returning to my roots - WALKING.  I used to be a massive walker, but the longest I've done in one day was the ball breaking Dirty 30, over Glenelg way, but that was a good 10/12 years ago.  So I had a wee google, and found there's an ultra Marathon, right on my doorstep!  Laich o Moray 50, organised by the Long Distance Walker's Association.

Information seems patchy, at best.  I can't find the exact route they use from Elgin back to Forres, but it does look like there's a great fucking hill around mile 40.  Oh, and it's not 50 miles, it seems it's 51 or 52.  

Anyway.  I have until October to train, and train I must!!!

So I will be balancing work and non-work more precariously than ever for the next few months!  I figure that each day gives me 6 hours to sleep, 6 hours to train, 12 hours to work...I can do this thang! 

Wish me luuuuuuuck, I'm going to need it!

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