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Hello, hello, pleased to meet you! Some random 'about me' stuff!

Hooray for Sundays!
I know loads of you have never actually met me, and social media is making it harder and harder for us to see each other properly - so here’s mi 🙋‍♀️
I’m the self taught designer and maker behind I’ve been a sole trader since 2014, and there is only me - although sometimes I could do with a team of 10, I’m also a control freak when it comes to my wee business, so wouldn’t let anyone else do anything anyway 😉
👉🏻 I’m Jo! Just Jo, just J-O, not short for anything. Jo.
👉🏻 My name isn’t short for anything, but I’m pretty short irl 🤷‍♀️
👉🏻 Natural blonde - inked eyebrows.
👉🏻 Extroverted introvert
👉🏻 Painfully shy, yet…
👉🏻 Usually the loudest in the room 🤷‍♀️
👉🏻 Pescatarian. Technically. Cringey label though.
👉🏻 Half Scottish, half Irish, can’t speak Gaelic
👉🏻 43 year old eyes, which finally now need glasses for folding!
👉🏻 Adore The Beatles and Eminem in equal measure
👉🏻 Mouth of a sailor
👉🏻 Can always find a silver lining
👉🏻 Left school at 15, and home at 17
👉🏻 Don’t enjoy whisky or bagpipes
👉🏻 Guiness is my alcoholic tipple of choice
👉🏻 But you'll rarely see me without a diet Bru near by!
👉🏻 Around 80% of my wardrobe features animal print
👉🏻 Sold double glazing in the distant past
👉🏻 Wish I could disable the talk function on my phone, I don’t use it for that
👉🏻 Worked in family pet shop for 20 years
👉🏻 Sleeping is my superpower
👉🏻 I loved my first (£100) car so much, that I bought an identical (£350) one for parts
👉🏻 True crime documentary junkie
👉🏻 Once bent over to pick retrieve a poorly thrown dart, and ripped my trousers from knee to crotch in front of a full pub
👉🏻 Lifelong dog person, but cats are so much easier
👉🏻 Pasta and veggie sushi do to my brain, what chocolate does to normal folk's
👉🏻 Keen walker, the longer the better
👉🏻 The mere sniff of apple juice has me queasy at the memory of a cider fuelled, 15 year old me 🤢
👉🏻 I love denim, but dislike jeans
👉🏻 Alway hoped to be a juror, until I was a juror
👉🏻 Zumba/Clubbercise/Glow addict. I do 10+ classes a week
👉🏻 I own more PJs than clothes
👉🏻 I drink upwards of 10 pints of tea a day
👉🏻 child free by choice
👉🏻 I watch Jaws any time it’s on telly
👉🏻 Gained 8+ stone whilst building my business - have now lost 9.5 stone (update: Now down over 10.5 stone)
👉🏻 I have to have the telly/radio on all night, if it goes off, I wake up, annoyed at the ether 😂
👉🏻 If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be right here in ma hoosey
👉🏻 Ob.sess.ed with everything
Pleased to meet ya!
~ Jo


  • No, no, Northern Irish :) But with lots of German friends, and visits there often, hence lederhosen pics! heehee

    Jo from
  • Thought your dad was German..I remember an ledenhauser pic

    Pat Doran

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