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It's International German Language Day!

Ich spreche kein Deutsch. Außer "zwei Bier bitte",
"Danke" und... nein, das war es auch schon.

So.  Enough to get by ;-)

My one and only foreign holiday was to Germany, to celebrate my Dad's 70th.  We had a great time.  We stayed with friends of the family in a quaint wee town called Vienenburg 

Whilst there, we visited their main nearby town of Goslar.  Absolutely beautiful place, like a fairytale ♥ When I came home, I actually folded the Goslar town council logo in a book, just because it was such a great shape.

I've been very lucky to acquire a handful of German clients over the years, and I think my favourite German order was for the name Gitte - which, by mercy of having just rescued a heap of foreign books from a charity shop, I was able to fold into a beautiful, vintage German book - it even had ye olde worly typeface, just lovely!

Today is International German Language Day - which makes me smile, because it felt like every single German we encountered whilst there, spoke English as well as I do!  

Standard Grade German, sadly, didn't imprint in my brain.  So to every German, in fact, to everyone who doesn't speak English as their first language, DANKE for not being as lazy as I am, and making communication seamless.  

~ Jo

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