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I love a notebook, I do

I love a notebook, I do.  

All of these notebooks live on my desk, each one is used either multiple times a day, or at least weekly.  I also have another shelf with less frequently used ones hahaha.

There's something about writing things in my own hand that really works for me.  Sure, I do loads of stuff online too, but the back up / master copy of everything, is in a notebook. Even my accounts are done with pencil in an old fashioned ledger!

In another blog I'll show you my colour coordinated pens - each task/appointment type/order stage/etc has its own designated colour hahaha This was never intentional, but it's definitely non negotiable now :P

So possibly not an exhaustive list, but these books are one for:
• Diary. Obvs.
• Orders diary. Slightly different.  Obvs.
• Email diary.  Getting weird now. 
• Order book. Different from orders diary.  Shhh. 
• Invoice book.
• Bible of designs
• Work in progress designs - can be reused but need more tweaking
• Work in progress designs - usually never yet been folded, cos they're not quite there yet
• Brainstorming notebook of completely random thoughts and ideas that hit me when I'm doing something else - full of unrelated scribbles about designs, email ideas, to do lists, event details, phone call notes, random sums that I never remember what they pertain to, doodles, more doodles, red pen through SHITE that I've jotted down, in case I accidentally think it means something when I next look at it...stuff like that. 

I will introduce you to my pens next time I get five minutes to add a blog.  Important stuff, task-dedicated-colour-blocking-ink, def needs its own blog.  

Think I'm weird yet?  Buckle up! hahahah

~ Jo

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