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It’s officially Christmas this week!

Goooooood morning!

It’s officially Christmas this week!

I gave myself a full, entire, complete day off yesterday, didn’t even open the office door ❤️ That really doesn’t happen very often, and I’m now raring to go for the last full week of work before Santa comes 🤶

Work wise, this has been the most serene run up to Christmas EVER. For the very first time, only popped up in the local shopping centre, ten minutes down the road. No hotels, no 4+ hour round trips, no Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow or even further afield. It’s felt WEIRD not to be feeling broken by this week of the year, especially as being at HQ almost all the time, has allowed me to keep order queues the shortest they’ve ever been AND been able to take more commissions than ever before, in this final part of the year. It’s weird and wonderful to be, in one way, busier than any year before, yet more relaxed and rested than ever before, at the same time!

Very much counting my blessings this week, and, as always, it’s all down to my supremely wonderful clients, who will never really know just how much each one means to me 💗

Time to catch up with the weekend’s paperwork (that never diminishes hahaha)
~ Jo

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