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Final Pop Up of the year - TOMORROW!

Hello, neglected No Books Blog 👋 

As you’d expect, I’ve been flat out folding orders for weeks (thank you!). Some things can’t slip, no matter how busy I am - the quality of my work, the safety of my packages, just about keeping up with emails and paperwork.

But occasionally, something’s gotta give, and it’s been this blog and, to a lesser extent, my email marketing. 

Tomorrow is the final pop up of 2021, and then that’ll me home in my PJs for the foreseeable 💃 never closes, and I’ll only be not working on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Other than that, I’m working away as normal, in fluffy socks and drinking tea, and hot chocolate, and maybe even the occasional Irish coffee 😉 

But if you’re in Elgin, Moray, Scotland tomorrow, come say howdy - I have a feeling it could be a good while until we get to be face to face (mask to mask) again…


~ Jo

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