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How thoughtful!

I LOVE how much thought people put in to gifts for their partners (Mr No Books, take note!)

Michael & Gemma are long time customers of, as well as having their own businesses, Knot-I-Cal Products and Hand-Stitched By Gemma
A wee while ago, Michael got in touch about Gemma's birthday present. 

There's a lot going on there, so I asked him if he could do me a rough sketch of what he was thinking.  I don't like to assume we're thinking of the same thing, the imagination is such a variable tool! 

Can't tell you how delighted I was with his visual for me:

How awesome is this?! Made my job much easier, I didn't have to guess anything at all! 

So I managed to create a mock up in photoshop.  Most of my designs are really random and illegible scribbles of just points of angles and things, plus I struggle to use computers for anything other than surfing haha But this was the next stage:

Which, after just one trial run, turned into the final piece - which I completely forgot to take photos of (eye roll) - but thankfully Gemma kindly did!
Which she posted along with these kind words ♥

It was an absolute pleasure to bring Michael's fab idea to booky life! 

If you have your own ideas, drop me a line:

If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book
~ Jo

Hand folded - Never cut - Designer made - Book art

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