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How did we manage, before Google Translate?

Pictured below: Family, in Russian

It's another weekend at home, here.  

Working from home is a funny old thing.  People ask "any plans for the weekend?", and I'll say "just at home", to which most folk say "fine to have some time off"...but running a business from home, means I work every single day.  Even when I say I've had a day off, what I really mean is that I didn't actually fold any books, but at the very, very least, I'll still be replying to emails and PMs across various platforms.  And usually, I'll pop in to the office to pack an order or two.  And, OK, sometimes I'll still have folded, too hahahaha

So it's a weekend at home, and I probably won't fold today (but will tomorrow), but that doesn't mean I'm off.  As the focus remains online, more than ever, there's always a stream of webmin needing doing.  It's got to the stage that it's too much for my previous norm of an hour or so most evenings, and I'm regularly spending full days on the laptop, just getting shit done.  It's weird, cos I'm working the old grey cells really hard, but it looks like I'm just drinking tea with my feet up.  Which it also is.  Let's be real haha

Today I'm focusing on introducing to Russia.  Yes, Russia.  I've been invited to be a part of what seems to be the biggest ecom platform in Russia.  It, visually, looks a bit like ebay, which is somewhere I'd never sell on, here.  But it definitely seems much better run...only time will tell. 

I don't speak Russian.  I can't even do a Russian accent.  I once asked one of my Polish friends if she could roughly understand Russian, cos it sounds very similar to my ear, but no, apparently it's not remotely similar, not even a little bit.  Not that it would help if it was, because I only know swear words in Polish, anyway hahahaha

Luckily, Google Translate is being my right hand man for this task, and I'm getting there.

I get a steady amount of site traffic from Russia, but I don't think I've ever sent an order to Russia, so this is interesting.  

It's important to explore new opportunities, and stretch the brain from time to time, and I can assure you, today is already ticking those boxes hahaha

~ Jo

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