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From Idea To Product : Day 15 March Meet The Maker

Great prompt today! 

From idea to product.  Well, technically, I only create one product - with unlimited variations! 

More often than not, I'm folding to order, so the ideas come from my customers. I also have a notebook full of ideas, which I get to bring to booky life, during quieter spells - some of these notes and ideas date back to 2014, that's how busy you all keep me, with YOUR requests! 

There's not much to see, in my design process.  Written down, is usually the idea itself, and only a few scribbles, denoting rough measurements and angles. From here, I will create an image, either with a rough sketch (very rough, I can't draw!), or pixel by pixel in photoshop, and from here I take around 1000 measurements, which I then fold into the book's pages, slowly but surely, building up the image I had in my mind's eye.  It usually takes me three (or more) trial folds of a new idea, before I get to the final guise, which I'm happy to recreate time and again. That said, if it's been more than a few weeks since I last folded a particular thing, I will invariably make more tweaks as I go, so some things end up very different, as the years go on! 

I can also work from client's sketches, for something totally unique to you!


I'm taking part in this year's March Meet The Maker. It's primarily an Instagram thing, with the focus being on telling your story via photos.  You might have noticed, I take shite photos, but I can ramble on in type for ages haha So I'm going to mostly take part, right here, on

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