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Don't say I didn't warn ya!

I've been folding my fingers to the bone, thank you, thank you, thank you, but I'm finally admitting defeat hahahah

With immediate effect, there's now up to a 14 day lead time on ALL orders
(instead of my usual 7)

This can, and probably will, be forced to increase again within a few days (where's that crystal ball?!?!), so if you're planning ordering for Christmas, PLEASE do it right now - right this minute - don't miss out!


I never give you a delivery date, as I can only guarantee your orders will be dispatched within the time I state. Once in the hands of the couriers and Royal Mail, it could take 24 hours or 24 days to reach you - I mean, usually it's within 2 days of me sending, but with Christmas coming up, delivery partners more stretched than ever, and the 'other' C Word still in the air, who knows how the next few weeks are gonna pan out.  


So.  Orders placed today (19th November 2021) will be hand folded to order, and on their way to you no later than 3rd December.  
Plenty of time. 

Take that a week from now - order next Friday, and they will be on their way by 10th December.  
Still fairly safe.

But if my turnaround is forced to extend further before then (Highly likely)?
I wouldn't be chancing it.

Leave it one more week?
Yeah, nah, just don't do that hahahah


Usually my order queue is right through to February, by the end of September/start of October, so this is the closest we've EVER got to Christmas with me still managing to make to order ♥ All because I'm barely leaving No Books HQ this year hahahaha

So, realistically, I'm urging you to order over this weekend, as next weekend could very genuinely be too late for Christmas delivery.

Thank you, so, so, so much, for keeping me this busy.
It's my absolute passion to fold for you, and my absolute pleasure that I've been able to get my head down and fit in more Christmas orders than ever before! 

You know what I say?
If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book!

~ Jo

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