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...but you're pushing me!

Usually by the end of October, my waiting list is into mid-January.  It's wonderful and frustrating, all at the same time!  

This year (and 2020) is quite different.  Due to being at home almost all of the time, and no trips away, away with, I'm spending my days solidly folding to order.  Not having to fold masses of pop up event stock, not being on the road in hotels and at pop ups, for 2/3/4 days each week.  Purely folding your wonderful orders!  There's nothing quite as lovely as a dark and dreary day that I don't need to leave the house, and I can work from 8am to 10pm in my jammies, drinking tea and folding books.  Bliss!!

Because of this, I've managed to keep my dispatch time to within 7 days for months and months and months.  You did manage to break me just before mothers day, when I got to my 5th, 7 day week in a row, of working a minimum of 14 hours a day, and even for the final week where I worked 18-20 hours each day, it was barely making a dent in the volume of orders coming I finally, reluctantly, called time and extended the waiting time haha  

As we edge towards Christmas, which is officially three blinks away, your order volume is once again stacking up to 'this is pushing it' levels.  It's great haha, thank you!  But very shortly I AM going to have to be sensible and extend your waiting period, and chances are it'll take a hefty leap, to make sure I don't make any promises I can't fulfill.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, because, so many of you have got used to being able to have your order within a few days, and I know it feels like there's plenty of time to get your Christmas orders in...but with so many folk thinking the same thing, boiling point is nearing hahaha

So.  Yeah.  As of today, we're still OK for a 7 day dispatch...but this could and will change very soon.  Please don't be caught out - order today to be safe!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off t'fold I go!
~ Jo

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