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Colours, colours, pens, pens...

In a previous NoBooksBlog post, I told you that I love a notebook, I do
To follow on from that, I bring you, the colours of planning a busy diary!

This wont be the most interesting blog you've ever read, but I know I love reading things like this from other people.  Makes me feel less alone hahahahah

So, I have a notebook or diary for just about everything.  And a master diary for it all at a glance.  Just imagine if that diary was written with all one pen or pencil? Oh my, no.  We can't be havign that, everything running in to each other, nothing discernible at a glance?  *shudder*

So here's a totally pointless run down of what I use for what.  Cos, why not. 

Pencil: Always and only a fine mechanical pencil.  This jots things in my diary, such as potential events may be interested in, and reminders to post date books on the correct dates on social media. 

Green Pen: Once an event has been booked & paid for, it gets inked in in green.  If ever I've said to you 'I'll ink it in', chances are it's in green.  Green pens are quite hard to find, for some reason.  But I think I've only had 2 since 2014, and that's with anything up to 100 events being green inked each year.  Apart from this year and last, obvs.  So maybe green ink lasts longer?  Dunno. 

Red Pen: This is what I write your order number with in my orders diary.  And red circles get added to folding days in my main diary, usually weeks in advance.  Then said order number gets allocated to a red circle in my main diary on the day I'll be folding it.  Red ticks are good, red ticks mean your order has been folded and posted. 

Purple Pen: This is a bit of a conundrum.  I remember finding it when I was working in a shopping centre.  I remember thinking "oooh, that's perfect for X!", but as I sit here just now, I'm buggered if I can remember what X was.  I remember Mr No Books borrowing it off my desk one day, and me insisting he returned it and took another colour instead hahah  But I've just sat and pondered it, and I've no idea what I used it for.  Must have been something to do with Events, because a flick back through this year's diary and last, I've used purple for marking when various lockdowns began/ended/changed.  So feck knows.  It'll come back to me at 4am.  Probably on a day I need to get up at 5, obvs. 

Orange Pen: This, for no particular reason, is the pen I use for inking in my blog and email marketing planning.  So once I've scheduled an email, I make a proper not in my email/blog diary, and add a nice orange triangle to my main diary, so I can see at a glance that 'something' is scheduled for that day.  Why a triangle?  Well, why orange, is my reply.  I dunno.  I didn't say there was any method in this madness, did I!?

Brown Pen: This is the pen I write thank you notes to each customer with. Brown blends in lovely with all my stationery and branding.  Probably no one has ever really noticed I write in brown, but I like it very much ♥

Black Pen: For everything that doesn't fit in to any of the above.  Always black.  Never blue.  I'm not sure when I developed an intense dislike for blue pens, but I did.  

So there we have it.  I'll update this when Purple Pen's original use comes back to me! I used to use it frequently, so it must have been something that happened frequently, pre-rona! 

Tell me below - what colour pen do you favour? Or what colour really gets on your tits? (I'm looking at you, blue).  Or, are you totally normal, and have never wasted brain space on colour coordinating your tasks to a particular pen/pencil?  What's it like to be so normal?  Must be nice! hahahahah

~ Jo

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