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Busman’s Holiday?

A wee day out of office today. Not “off”, as Mr No Books and I will be spending at least the whole of today, helping my Mum with her annual stocktake at PEARL'S (Pet Care), through in Forres 🐾 

I worked for the family business for roughly 20 years. I say roughly. I was full time for about 20 years, but, as any kid who grows up with a shop owning parent, I really grew up within the shop, and served customers and used the till long before I have clear memory, and, really, the shop was more of a sibling than a business, if that makes any sense to anyone else! Mum opened the shop just as I turned 2, so it’s never not been there, 41 years later!

For the first year of I still worked full time for Mum, as well as pulling 40+ hours in my own baby business. As the year went on, I knew I was going to have to make a decision - leave my fully secure job of 20 odd years, or shelve (pardon the pun) this life changing vocation that had called me. After much soul searching, and knowing it was, hands down, the riskiest thing I’d ever done in my whole life, I handed in my notice, and a year to the day after No Books was born, I left the shop.

And never looked back!

But today, today, I will be back at my old workplace. Possibly fighting with my old boss 😝

Have a cracking Sunday, all!

~ Jo


  • A rarity :P

    Jo from
  • #BusinessToBusinessSupport even more meaningful when it is also family support! Not a cross word was spoken between us – result all round. ;-)


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