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    PROOF!  Last time Mr No Books and I drove past Loch Ness, we spied Nessie (as we often do).  For once, she was just chilling out, watching the Haggis play on the heather covered shore.  I'd forgotten my camera, and my phone had crashed *typical*  I can't draw, but I can fold books!!! The Loch Ness Monster (not a monster at all btw) bobbed about for long enough for me to capture her exact likeness in a book, preserved for all time - proof that Nessie is still alive and well.  Ahhh.  Good news, isn't it? :)  

    One day, hopefully, those pesky haggi will stop running around in circles for long enough for me to get them in a book too :-/

    I create these by carefully hand folding the pages of a book.  No trickery, no glue, no cutting.  No Books Were Harmed In The Making Of This. 

    Photos shown are of past pieces, most of which have gone to their new forever homes.  
    Exact colours and final appearances naturally vary from book to book.