Est. 2014
  • The Kelpies : : Hand folded, non cut book art


    The Kelpies.  
    Baron & Duke

    The actual Kelpies are sculptures of truly monumental proportions, designed by Andy Scott.  Almost one hundred feet tall, and made from 600 tonnes of steel, Baron & Duke form one of the gateways to the Forth and Clyde canal whilst overlooking much of the Falkirk area.  If they don't take your breath away as they watch you driving past on the M9, then I don't think anything will.  Absolutely spectacular.  

    This is my booky homage to them.  Until I return, boys! 

     I create these very special pieces by carefully hand folding the pages of pre owned books.

    Photos shown are of past pieces, most of which have gone to their new forever homes 
    Exact colours and final appearances naturally vary from book to book