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Kevin The Hen (There is a reason!) : : Chicken, Chook

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Kevin The Hen / Chicken / Chook

Plucky 'n' clucky - but she promises to keep the noise down when she moves in with you.  She also promises you an egg every morning....but I suspect that's a complete untruth :-o
Most of my creations seem to Christen themselves during the design stage.  This stubborn hen refused to tell me her name, so I asked for suggestions on Facebook.  Some crackers came in, but "Kevin The Hen" was an instant hit, due to the description of a past Kevin...."[facebook user] suggests "Kevin The Hen", based on a past choock of hers that seems to describe this one to a tee ;-) " I had a speckled hen called Kevin - she was a grumpy little runt but ever so sweet to look at, you just had to close your ears to the clucky swearing!"

So Kevin The Hen she is!

Photos shown are of past pieces, most of which have gone to their new forever homes.  
Exact colours and final appearances naturally vary from book to book.