Est. 2014
  • Claddagh : : Irish token of good luck


    A Claddagh, hand folded in to the pages of a book. 

    I've always loved claddagh rings, and been fascinated with different artist's and jeweller's versions of this ancient Irish token.  There are lots of superstitions pertaining to how one wears a claddagh, and variations of the sentiment that goes with it.  I've always known it as "With these hands I give you my heart, and with my love I crown thee", but I'd suspect every Irish family has its own nuances to the sentiment ♥
    No cuts, no glue, no trickery...even my multi-line designs are created from careful hand folding of one book's pages. 
    Photos shown are of past pieces, most of which have gone to their new forever homes.  
    Exact colours and final appearances naturally vary from book to book.