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Client brief and resulting piece:

“I wondered whether it would be possible to commission one for my son? His favourite word is somnambulate !!! Would it be possible to incorporate this word into one of your art pieces in some way - preferable not in a linear straight line ??? He is also obsessed with the number 3 and loves triangles and other shapes using 3 sides”

Challenge, ACCEPTED! 

I am a self taught designer and maker of hand folded, never cut, book art. No request is too simple OR too bizarre, and most result in absolutely unique, one off, artisanal works of art - all made by me simply hand folding the pages of preowned & vintage books. I don’t cut or carve them in any way; there’s no trickery going on here, just booky magic!

With a price range of £10-£100+ there is a book for every occasion and every budget.

Drop me a message to discuss YOUR folded book commission now!
~ Jo

(old video, please forgive the poor quality)

 Somnambulate was created by me making 2 or 3 exacting creases in around 1800 pages.
Watch me fold a 100 pages in real time HERE

Post Script:
Medical Definition of somnambulate

: to walk while asleep. Other Words from somnambulate. somnambulation \ -​ˌnam-​byə-​ˈlā-​shən \ noun.