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Yay! A chance to update photos!

I often mention how much taking photos is a challenge for me. Doesn't matter what I do, I'm never happy with them.  They just don't convey the depth and detail in my work. I've come to terms with this - at least when you buy based on a photo, you're blown away in real life.  Better than an amazing photo and a shite product hahaha

So this photo of my artist's palette was taken in, I think, 2019. At the time, it was actually a decent enough pic, and I wasn't totally miserable with it. So I've not updated it for a very long time. 
But, when I folded this order recently, I remembered that the original pic was also of a book with red inner pages, so I just HAD to update my photos - and would you just look at the contrast?! 
No doubt I'll be making a similar post in another 5 or so years, decrying how shit THIS photo is too haha That's just the nature of progress, I suppose!

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