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Weekend : Day 4 March Meet The Maker

WEEKEND is today's prompt!  That's an easy one! 

In past years, I spent almost every weekend, on the road, travelling with my pop up shop.  I showcased all over Scotland and the north of England, popping up in shopping centres, home shows, exhibitions, annual events - all kinds of places!! 


I did 90-100 events each year, and most of those included weekends - I was generally living out of a suitcase for about 30-40 weekends of the year.  And I enjoyed every second! Bloody hard graft, but really fun!

Then along came 2020.  And we all know what happened then! But, as restrictions changed and eased, I was back on the road a fair bit in 20/21.  But.  Something had changed.  I'd realised that I didn't HAVE to be on the road the entire time...maybe it was time to claim back some 'non working' life.  So I did.  I'm due back to a few weekend events this year, and I could pee my pants with excitement, BUT, I will be continuing to balance those with weekends spent walking and snoozing, and, dare I say, actually doing fuck all, occasionally!  It's a fair change from the past few years, but it's also really nice! 

Hill walking with Mera Dug
BBQs with the parents!

But most Sunday evenings are spent packing your weekend orders, for posting on Monday ♥


I'm taking part in this year's March Meet The Maker. It's primarily an Instagram thing, with the focus being on telling your story via photos.  You might have noticed, I take shite photos, but I can ramble on in type for ages haha So I'm going to mostly take part, right here, on

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