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Today's the day!

Today, I'm running a 10km race! 



I tried running about 12/13 years ago. Hated it. Yeah, I mean, I DETESTED every single step I ever ran.  I did a few 5ks and then entered the Baxters 10k, and I promised myself that if I managed to run the whole thing, without walking, I would never have to run another step.  And I didn't.

Until 12 weeks ago! 

I can't say I'm 'loving' running.  Like I LOVE zumba and similar.  I LOVE hiking 20+ miles in the Scottish hills.  I LOVE walking Mera.  I LOVE every other form of exercise I indulge in.  Well.  I'm not HATING running, this time round.  And that's much closer to enjoying it, than I've ever managed in the past! 

I'm still super slow, it's still super challenging. But it's a process. 

My only goal with running is to ENJOY it.  Enjoy it the way I see so many people enjoying it. Get that buzz, that runner's high. Seems awesome.  I'll let you know if I ever experience it first hand hahaha

But, today, I run my first 10k, in my mid-40s, not having ran since my early 30s, until a few short weeks ago. 

Let's call it a warm up, because, in other news, which I will blog about when I find time, I will be running my first ever Marathon in September *gulp*

But I'm trying not to think that far ahead. First, I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, for 6.2miles...

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