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This Monday is a very Monday, Monday!


It's not even 3pm and today has been a DAY!

It began with Mr No Books being called in to work an hour early.  So it was panic stations to get him there in time.  I then headed straight to a gym appointment, which I completely missed, as a ream of roadworks meant it took me 27 minutes to drive about 3 miles, by which point the class had began, and I was still miles away.  Meh.  

Then it transpired there'd been a miscommunication about getting my stock to the Royal Highland Show, and I had to somehow work in a 100+ mile round trip to Inverness by tomorrow afternoon - which was a bit of a panic, as I have no less than 4 appointments in the next 24 hours, as well as technically being a day behind on orders.  Plus side, I guess, is I'll manage to swing past one of my used book sources on the way home, although Google suggests I'm going to have precisely 12 minutes to spare, between two appointments - so wish me luck!

Lots of tea has been drunk, miraculously, a couple of books have been folded, a large order has been boxed up for one of my American stockists, and I'm just about to nip round the corner to do today's post office drop. 

I'm firmly ignoring the 250 books sat in the hallway, which are ready to come out of quarantine and join the shelves, and I'm trying not to look at the shit tip of an office that has developed behind my desk...

Tomorrow is another day.  A manic one haha, but hey ho! 

Right, break over, folding can resume!  There'll be some midnight oil being burned tonight, I can tell ya! 

~ Jo

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