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The Power of First Attempts: My Life-Changing Experience

Thank you to Facebook memories!  This wee beauty popped up today ♥
The day before, I'd happened upon a curious photo of an oriental type lantern, made by folding a book. I'd never had any interest in anything arty or crafty, so to this day, I can't explain why I went home and figured out how to do it...but I'm glad I did, because over the next few weeks, I discovered how much I could control the edges, and eventually came to create the words and images that you've loved for almost the past decade ♥
Back in 2018 or maybe 2019, I was asked to recreate that very first piece, for a promo pic for an educational centre who contracted me to deliver my Introduction To The Art Of Book Folding Classes. I was chuffed to find that my work had indeed improved, since that very first play! 
If I knew on that day, 9 years ago, how much that idle play was to change the entire trajectory of my life, I wouldn't have believed any of it! 

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