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Talk about phoning it in!

OK, I'm not sure this really qualifies as a Blog post, but it's been a busy couple of weeks, OK!?

Usually I am *dead* in April.  But, so far this month, I'm pretty darned steady (thank you!).  March was a very, very, very quiet, and I just assumed that April had arrived early, but, maybe they've swapped, this year?  Dunno!  

So yeah, just a reminder that all prices include:
• The book
• Days or even weeks of going back and forth during the design process
• A few hours of folding time
• All packaging
• AND post and packing to any UK address
• All hand folded and on its way within 7 days!

Not enough?  Well, why not send your gift direct to the lucky recipient, and have me include a personal note from you, handwritten on a beautiful card, from another artisnal artist?  Sorted! 


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