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Punk's Not Dead - it's just getting a bit creaky.

The other day, someone referred to me as being Goth. Wasn't sure what to think about that haha I've never considered myself Goth, at all. I definitely identify more with the Punk movement of the late 70s, early 80s, but I was only born in 1980, so a bit late for that. A wee bit rock, a wee bit punk, a wee bit hippy, a wee bit 90s...who knows. My neutral colour is animal print, and chains and studs have always been my jewellery of choice. Can't say I've ever fitted in to a box, and that's exactly how I like it 😜
The first CD I ever bought with my own money (despite being a hardcore Beatles fan, with a bedroom full of vinyl), was The Best Punk Album In The World Ever, which I managed to leave on the bus, and had to wait for the bus to do a 90 mile return trip - thankfully it was still there! Think I paid like £15? and that was in the early/mid 90s...that was a LOT of money, I can tell ya!
So yeah, I do smile, when I fold this anarchy symbol. I'm not sure any of us REALLY like anarchy, but our wee inner rebel likes to think it does, eh!? heehee
~ Jo

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