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About 5 years ago, I was commissioned to fold a "Kate".  I spent around 4 hours creating it, in a beautiful red & gold book, and was really pleased with the end result.  
Kath. Not Kate.

It was only as I was packing it for posting, that I had a lightbulb moment, and realised that I'd folded KATH, not KATE! Thank goodness I noticed before sending it to my customer.  I spent the rest of the day folding KATE, as requested, and consigned the beautiful KATH to a shelf, to torment me every time I glanced at it, that there are definite pitfalls to working 28 hours a day.  

Years passed, and no one ever ordered a KATH, and just a couple of months ago, I finally unfolded that book, to re-use it for a trial fold of something else (not pretty, but preferable to 'wasting' a fresh book), and then finally popped KATH in to the recycling bin. That mistake served me well, in different ways.  

Along comes this week.  And the book pictured.  And right now. 

Working through my orders, and I comes to one for KATE.  I picked out a great wee book - Kate Hannigan's Girl - and proceeded to fold.  The KATH book of yesteryear kept popping in to my head, and I kept shelving it (shelving it, see what I did there?).  I finished folding and was admiring the beautiful colour of the pages on the final piece, when it hit me. 

This order was for KATH, not bloody KATE!!!!!

I. could. kick. myself hahahaha

So.  I'm off to start folding a KATH KATH KATH KATH instead. KATH. Hopefully hahahah

And, in the meantime, if anyone would like this particularly pretty KATE at a knockdown price, CLICK HERE

Not Kath!

~ Jo

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