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Off radar until Monday. Or maybe Tuesday!

Sleep is all over the place.  I did a 2am Airport run in the wee small hours of Saturday.  Tried to navigate a thought out Friday (!) because tonight, starting at 10pm, I'll be walking the 24 or so miles from Grantown to Forres, along the old railway line, over the Dava Moor.  

It's a walk I've done a couple of times, but just on my own and in daylight.  This is an organised annual event, with 100 or so participants, and we walk through the night.  Of course, the longest day was just a couple of days ago, so I don't think it'll actually get dark, dark, but it's still gonna be a big challenge for the ol' body clock! 

Little Miss Mera Dug will be coming too - it'll be her longest walk, and also the distance I tap her out at, as I build my own mileage, as I train for my epic 53 mile walk in a few week's time.  

Looking forward to it all - but may not be in the land of the living again until Tuesday, as I think this body will need to recover from weird/little sleep for the past few days! haha 

As well as working Fri/Mon/Tues, but at odd hours, I'll be working Wednesday (usually my day off), to keep caught up, so if I've missed any emails or messages, I'll get back to you Wednesday at the latest. 

Wish me luck!  This is another increment in my longest distance in recent years - but at least it's flat! hahaha

~ Jo


  • Thanks Merren! She loved it – she always does! Was a lovely, very well organised walk. Got darker than I expected, for longer than I expected, and I didn’t love walking in the dark, so made me a bit eek about my 53 mile walk, as a LOT of that will be in the pitch dark!

    ~ Jo

    Jo from
  • Well done you and wee dug Mera! Outstanding achievement


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