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No Black Friday here

There’s no Black Friday sale here.
My prices are genuine and consistent all year round, unlike many companies who falsely inflate their prices just so they can slash them in “sales” 🙄 If you’re on the No Books News mailing list, you’ll know we had a wee “beat the postal strikes” promo, a month ago. I’m a sole trader, one woman business. Not only can I not afford to cut my prices for gimmicky days, I feel that slashes are a little icky, and devalue my hard work.
Every piece I fold takes the same number of hours regardless of what day of the year it is - maybe I’d be more into the Black Friday thing if I could just press print, or make dozens of pieces at a time. But I can’t (and wouldn’t want to). I create art, affordable art, and I hope to still be doing this in 10, 20, 30 year’s time…that’s only possible by ensuring I neither under nor over charge, and respect myself and my regulars enough not to undercut myself 🤗

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