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LoM Take 2!

Laich O' Moray PART 2!

Mera and I at the end - my Mum had printed and laminated the route for me, before the official challenge, and as I went to tuck it back in my rucksack, I remembered the note she'd printed on the back of the final page, so had to get a photomabob to send her ♥
A couple of weeks ago, I set out on a 52 mile ultramarathon. You can read a bit about it HERE
Torrential rain all day, I, and the three ladies I had fallen in to step with, pulled out at 32 miles, as we walked in to the dark October night, and the rain got heavier still. Knowing roughly what the final 20+ miles held, I just had no wish to tackle it in the muddy, dark, confusing, wet night. 
Didn't mean I didn't want to tackle it though ;) 

Yesterday, Shelagh, Lisa and Mary, the fabulous gang that I walked the first part with, hopped on an early train from Inverness, and we set off at first light, to complete our adventure!
As always, I took almost no photos, so these are all pinched from the others - in no particular order...
We stopped for lunch at Califer View Point, which overlooks Findhorn Bay and the Moray Firth.  The first part of this route traversed a good chunk of the Moray coast, before heading inland to Elgin. We were entirely inland yesterday.
This totalled about 52,000 steps - fun fact, I actually gained weight over night hahaha

The Dream Team, at the official end of the route!  We still had to stroll to the train station haha, but was gooood to get here!  I'm in black, with wee Mera finally getting a lie down ♥

And this was the Little One, within minutes of getting home.  She barely moved until this morning.  
Absolutely superb day. Really enjoyed it.  I'd walked part of that section, once, (and part of it never) but yesterday rectified a couple of wrong turns I'd made on my recce - yeah, there's no WAY I'd have managed that in the dark, not a hope!
As nice as it is walking along the coast, walking through forests and farmland, with all the autumnal colours of the season, was even more beautiful ♥ 
Not a bad way to spend a day off!  I'm working today (Wednesday is my normal day off), to make up for it heehee

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