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Let's get this show on the road!

Time to get back on the road! 

Prior to the pandemic, travelled Scotland and England, popping up in shopping centres, home shows, agri shows, name it!  I used to do over 100 events a year!  

2020 came along, and I had around 70 events cancelled, for obvious reasons.  It changed my entire focus, and was a blessing in disguise, as it showed me I didn't have to be on that hamster wheel of living out of a suitcase, and you know what, my business didn't vanish!  

I managed a few covid compliant events in 2020, and more in 2021.  The weird thing was, 2021 was tougher than 2020, "out there", and it really cemented the fact that although I LOVE NoBooksOnTour, I really didn't want to slip back to the same pre-rona schedule.  2022 came along, and a few things changed on a personal level (family illness), and I was thankful that the previous couple of years had made it far less daunting for me to come off the road completely for a while.  The fear of "if I'm not seen, I wont get orders" had all but gone.

We're now in to 2023...and I have itchy feet hahaha
It's no secret than my happiest place in the world, is at my desk, in my home studio, wearing jammies and fluffy socks, drinking tea and folding books ♥  But it's been a hot minute since I saw my customers and fellow makers and traders, face to face, and I need to rectify that! is booked to pop up in one of my very, very favourite venues, next month *happy dance*

Now.  I won't be announcing where and when until the last minute, because, with family dynamics how they are, there is always the chance I may have to pull out last minute.  And what I discovered with all the corona cancellations, was, the cancellations didn't really bother me, BUT the not knowing, and the self imposed pressure of keeping customers up to date with all the changes, was...draining. So I'm removing that pressure from myself this year.  

If you want to know where and when you can catch NoBooksOnTour in real life, be sure you're signed up to NoBooksNews, as first shout out will be to subscribers!  

But yeah, I'm excited to be folding lots of my favourite pretties, ready to set up the NoBooksOnTour pop up shop for the first time in WAY too long!!!

~ Jo

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