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John Lennon would have turned 83 today

“If there’s such a thing as genius — I am one.
And if there isn’t, I don’t care.”

- John Lennon

I could share John Lennon quotes for daysssss. I only really discovered The Beatles when I was 12. It was Paul McCartney's 50th birthday, and Help! and Hard Days Night were playing on the telly - Channel 4, because we only had 4 channels back then!
I instantly fell head over heels for John Lennon. His humour, his speaking voice, his singing voice, and, yeah, his looks! He was killed the same year as I was born, so it was weird, realising this amazing man on the telly, was already gone.
And so begun my lifelong love of The Beatles and John Lennon.

You could say I'm fanatical -
[filled with excessive and single-minded zeal]

Twenty or so years ago, I got my first tattoo. It's on my leg, a decent size, and is John Lennon's self portrait. A while later, I did that thing that no one should ever do. I got a man's name tattooed on me. Not just on me, but on my hand. OK, two things that people should probably never do haha No regrets. I'm now older than he was when he was shot, and my enduring love of him and The Beatles has never waned.
Do you have a lifelong musical love? Let me know!

~ Jo

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