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It's spooky season!

I have a dark and twisted sense of humour, and a fascination with much of the macabre.  In the early days of, I created a host of slightly gothic designs, and I loved every, single one of them! My little black heart still skips a beat when someone orders one of my early, dark designs, I just love it! 

With Halloween just round the corner, there's still time to add a piece of hand folded book art to your seasonal displays! 

There's lots of skulls to choose from - Crack Head is probably the most popular - as well as the huge Bibliophile Collection pieces - Murder of Crows & Cauldron of Bats (both pictured).  

Love a bit of True Crime?  Me tooooooo!  

And, at this time of year, who can forget pumpkins - cute or evil, I have one for everyone! 

Wanna get a bit more 'out there'?  How about the Levayan cross or Illuminati symbol?  

Safe to say, whatever your darkness, I can create a book for it - AND have it with you in time for all hallow's eve! 

If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book ♥
~ Jo

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