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It's June!

It's June! 

How did that happen?  Practically halfway through another year! 

Things are fairly quiet here at No Books HQ. June and July used to be CRAZY busy, predominantly with wedding commissions.  Dates, table numbers, thank yous.  But since covid, it definitely feels like there's fewer weddings, or, certainly, fewer 'big' weddings. 

I'm ticking away with lots of "Dad" orders, as Father's Day is not this weekend, but next.  So I'm not twiddling my thumbs haha But it's certainly much more laid back than usual, for this time of year. 

I quite enjoy a quiet day here and there, but I get twitchy when I have two quiet days in a row :P This is another difference, post-rona. Pre-rona, I spent a LOT of time on the road, showcasing pop up shop, all round the country.  So when I was home, I would be folding for 18+ hours a day, to replenish stock, and catch up with orders.  Now that I've chosen to hardly be on the road at all, I'm not constantly building up stocks, which instantly freed up sooooooo much time each week/month. But, a couple of years on, I'm still adjusting to the fact that I DON'T have a never-ending "MUST DO" list, and sometimes, I really AM caught up on ALL orders, and don't HAVE to work from dawn til dusk, to keep up with everything haha But it still feels weird, when there's days, like today, that it's not quite 10am, I've packed the weekend's orders ready for the post office, and, whilst I have a bit of admin to do, I actually have 0 outstanding orders. 

They GREAT thing about it, though, is that I can make this promise, in full confidence ♥ All orders are prepped, designed, folded, packed and dispatched, within a week of you placing them. That's not bad going for completely individual works of art, all designed and made by my own fair hands ♥


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