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It's Friday!

...this means very little in my world, to be honest haha

It's Friday evening, and I've not long finished folding customer orders for the day.  I've now got a couple of hours of admin to catch up with.  It's amazing how much admin this teeny wee micro business actually has.  I often wonder how bigger businesses keep up, but I guess they outsource some stuff.  Anyway, I actually enjoy the paperwork side of things, and generally do it of an evening, sometimes with a beer in hand.  Not quite 'off', but winding down :)

Hobgoblin Ruby beer, Irn Bru & mug of tea sat on desk

This has been quite an exciting week, in a low key kind of way.  I've finalised quite a few #NoBooksOnTour pop ups for the coming months. This is where I travel the country with my mobile pop up shop, showcasing in large shopping centres, annual events, home shows, that kind of thing.  Prior to 2020 I was averaging around 100 pop ups a year.  Ironically, I did try to cut down a little in 2019, but still did eighty something haha Then 2020 forced my hand!  I don't think I'll ever 'tour' again, like I did before, but it was always an integral and enjoyable part of growing, so I'm keen to get back out there as much as restrictions will allow. Driving 100s of miles, hand-balling boxes and boxes and boxes of books, building my stand whilst sensible people are still in bed, and venues are still in darkness, and not being finished for the day until bed time, being on my feet for 16 hours a day, staying in shitty hotel rooms, and repeating it all a few days later...f*cking love it!!!! The connections I've made whilst on the road are absolutely life affirming. I'm proud and humbled to have a network of people across the country who I can call colleagues and friends.   Customers who became acquaintances who became friends. Colleagues who became cheerleaders who became customers. 

So with a few pop ups now confirmed (as much as anything can be confirmed right now), for Moray, Aberdeen & Glasgow, that's my diary about as full as I'm comfortable with this year. There's still a couple of annual events that haven't YET cancelled for 2021, but with this kind of thing in mind, I decided earlier in the year that I wouldn't publish my calendar of events this year.  Usually by February I have everything booked until November, with Christmas being sorted by early summer.  But last year was such a misery of having to plaster CANCELLED over 60+ events, that I'm just not doing it this year.  Instead, #NoBooksNewsLetter subscribers will get the first head's up, and then I'll post on social media just a few days ahead of ones that look like they're definitely going ahead...

Have you signed up for #NoBooksNews yet?  G'wan, you know you want to!

So. Yeah.  I need to go file invoices and look out insurances policies and stuff.  Just what Friday nights were made for, eh? ;)

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