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International Beer Lovers Day

I ♥ Beer

Beer is my go to when alcohol is involved.  Even as a very young teen, whilst my pals were nicking vodka from their parent's drink cabinets, and topping the bottles back up with water, tanking 99p 2ltr bottles of cider, or being ever so so-fist-i-cated with the newly released, sickly sweet, brightly coloured alcopops, I was, more often than not, swigging ale & stout.  Not saying I never got completely and utterly wasted on cider.  I will tell you, that 25 years on, even a whiff of apple juice gives me the dry heave. 

Once in my 20s, as a 'young lady', for I technically was a young lady, I would occasionally try and look a bit more...couth...and order a long vodka or something, but nah, I don't enjoy anything like I enjoy a lovely, big, cold pint.  

Now 41, I couldn't tell you the last time I had a boozy drink that wasn't a heavy or a Guinness.  That said, I couldn't actually tell you the last time I had a boozy drink, full stop. 

Personal pet hate?  When I ask a premises "what beer do you have on draught?"  and they reel off 6 lagers.  Does my head in.  And I'll reiterate "no, they're lagers, what BEER do you have?", and often the answer is none.  So I nominate myself as driver and have Irn Bru instead haha 

Definitely more about the tea and the Bru.  But writing this, I could right go a pint!

Are you a beer drinker?  What's your favourite, and why?  tell me below!

~ Jo

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