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I managed a morning off...

I was planning a day off, but that rarely happens haha

I began today (Saturday) with a long lie - alarm set for 8am - and then started the day with a Zumba* class.  Fab.  To be honest, I start most days with a Zumba, I do about 8-10 Zumba classes a week, as well as a bit of Body Combat and the odd other thing thrown in, too.  Took me a long time to 'allow' myself to get back in to the gym - I've spent the last few years completely focused on building No Books Were Harmed.  But since last year, I finally decided that not only could I fit gym time back in to my life, but I SHOULD fit it back in! And I lovvvvve it.  I've always loved gym classes (I used to love the gym, too, but haven't quite regained that passion this time haha), and every single day, I'm buzzing to get to classes, and buzzing after classes, and feel so, uhm...grateful ? to myself, for allowing myself this time hahaha I know, that sounds mental, eh!?  If you're reading this, and we've never met, you may or may not be surprised to learn that I am...very much...not slim.  I've often chuckled at people's reactions when I happen to have mentioned doing 3 classes a day, or a 25 mile walk, or running a 10k - I do NOT fit the aesthetic, that's for sure.  I'm usually the biggest person in any gym setting, but I'm rarely the least fit ;-) Anyway.  I've gone off on a tangent.  What I was trying to say was, I had a long lie and great dance workout, did some food shopping, and had planned staying out of the office for the rest of today, too.  Then *ping* *ping* came a couple of orders, which I knew I had 'ready to post', so I popped in to parcel them up - and 3 hours later, I'm still working hahahaha

I suck at doing nothing.  If I force myself out of the office again, I'll end up doing housework (no thanks), or *something*.  I get bored, sat doing nothing, I only really switch off when I sleep, and it's too nice a day to sleep it away.  So I'm cracking on.  I've finished designing a commission piece, so will do a rough trial run of it, and then I'll probably schedule a couple of No Books News emails.  And then I might just be ready for a doze ;) 

Happy Saturday!
~ Jo

*zumba is the licensed name of a high energy dance workout that features latin, hip hop, and, well, all kinds of music.  I've been enjoying Zumba since it first came to the UK about 12 years ago.

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