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I had a few days away - to hike around Loch Ness

I'm an avid long distance walker/hiker. It's something I used to do a LOT of, before the birth of and something I've been getting back in to over the last year or so.  
Living in the North East of Scotland, there is beauty and wilderness everywhere, and I am perpetually grateful that I have this on my doorstep, along with the blessing of good health, to be able to enjoy it. 
Recently, I read that there was a new-ish long distance trail, called the Loch Ness 360°, an 80 mile route, using part of the Great Glen Way and part of the South Loch Ness Trail. Next thing I know, my pal from fat club has booked time off work and we've booked her motorhome into a campsite on the edge of Loch Ness hahaha
Mera and I just before heading off - how it started
Mera and I just before we hit the road

Mera discovering herself in the mirror, not sure whether to bark or not
I wont bore you with every detail - or every photo - but three of us, and Mera, had a superb couple of days away!  Didn't quite go to plan, as we were forced to tap out at 50 miles. The day in question was forecast to be cool and overcast.  Perfect, as we had a section of 20/22 miles to walk that day, mostly very high in the hills, no shade. We had to do this section on that day, as if we didn't, travel and work commitments meant we wouldn't have time to complete the route. 3 miles in, just before we were to begin the climb in to the hills, the sun broke through.  Intense, hot, burny sun.  And not a cloud in the sky.  The forecast suddenly changed to 20°+ and we spent an hour deliberating what to do. If we pushed on, we would have no way of cutting the day short, if the heat beat us.  I wasn't comfortable pushing on with Mera - not like she'd say no, so I have to advocate for her. It was a tough choice, as the three of us were really enjoying the experience, and we knew if we didn't do that day, then it was all over.  Well.  It was over haha
No regrets, no what ifs, we still did 12 miles to finish off our adventure, and even on the flat, we were super slow and super meh.  Imagine if we'd been up a hill with another 8 hours hiking ahead of us...!?
Anyhoo.  I though I'd share a wee photo dump! Hope you enjoy!

Somewhere between Drumnadrochit and Fort Augustus - Day 1

The most stunning section, somewhere around Loch Tarff on Day 2
Photos just couldn't capture this breath taking area

Aye, you're tellin' me!
Loch Tarff
Loch Tarff.  I must check the spelling of that.
Sleepy Mera in the moho
Sleepy Mera.  Did great in the motorhome!
Why can't I pose nicely!
At the locks in Fort Augustus.  Why, oh why, can't I pose nicely?? (I'm on the left)
Frogs on the road
It's important to heed signs
The only meal out we had!
We only ate out once, and it was amazing!

A glimpse of the Loch - didn't see much of it that day

Somewhere around Glenmoriston, I think.

Caledonian Canal - revised final day walk

Much steeper than the camera shows

No idea where this is, but bonnie, eh?

Lots of bonnie bridges

Think this was the Falls of Foyers - but we saw loads of waterfalls!

Adventure over, headed home (Mera sleeping on parcel shelf)

And when I came home, I was inspired to fold the long distance trail marker in to a book! 
This was my first walking holiday, my first motorhome holiday and my first trip away with Mera.  And the whole thing was wonderful!  
Roll on the next adventure...


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