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I can fold YOUR book, too!

Have you got a family heirloom, self penned novel, or otherwise sentimental book?  

I can fold it for you! 

Here's a few examples:

This was my client's very first 'grown up' book, given to her by her Granny, many moons ago. She wanted me to do 'something' with it, so that, hopefully, her family would keep it and hand it down the generations, long after she's gone.  How's that for forward thinking? 
It wasn't the easiest book to fold, as its pages were very thick and the years had made them very brittle - but I managed to fold this beautiful wee heart, that definitely fit the bill.  Here's hoping it'll still be on the go, decades from now ♥
I can't rightly remember the story of this beautiful, very, very old hymn book.  I seem to think it was to be a gift to my client's kirk minister, but I'm not totally sure.  It was a gorgeous book to fold, but as it was bound in soft leather, I left a large amount of pages unfolded, to help give it enough strength to stand up, and not just flop in on itself.  A really special piece! 
Ava's Granny gave me this set of three books to fold, to spell out her granddaughter's name.  I'm not sure why this photo is so terrible, cos they were actually a lovely wee set!  These are a good example of why I don't often use books with lots of images - the vertical 'stripes' you see, are the illustrations.  Works fine on very simple shapes and letters, but is quite distracting on more intricate designs. 
Many, many, MANY moons ago, one of the very first client's own books I folded, was this one.  The Great Gatsby was her boyfriend's favourite book, so she actually ordered this online, had it posted direct to me, I folded it and sent it onward.  I stopped using those business cards in 2015, I'm sure, so this was earlier than that! 
This was super special.  It was my client's family bible.  I can't seem to find a photo of the inner cover, but it was a dive in to history through the ages, with all the family births handwritten.  Just seeing how our writing changed over the hundred or so years, was beautiful!  Similarly to the hymn book above, this was bound in soft leather, so I left a good number of pages unfolded, to provide a bit of support, as well as giving the spine a bit of TLC. Books like this won't stand up forever, but they can be slipped between other books on a bookshelf, for support. 
Have you, your pal or family member had your own book published? Emae Church had me fold their very own novel, with the title of the book!  Like a bit of dystopian science fiction?  You can order this book on Amazon.  Meh, I hate linking to Amazon for anything - but I'll make an exception here!
These were a long while ago, but I THINK these were a complete, four volume set of Shakespeare. Self explanatory as to who my client commissioned them for ♥ These were such lovely books to work with, their pages just behaved perfectly for me! 
Would you like me to fold YOUR own book?
Drop me an email on
and we can have a blether about what might be possible!
~ Jo

Hand folded
Never cut
Designer made
Book art
If you can say it with flowers, they'll remember it with a book
...oh, and the cost of this truly bespoke service?  In the vast majority of cases, exactly the same as my 'normal' prices, which range from £15-£150+. with most pieces being around the £30-40 mark :)

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