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How many books? Around 4500+

....just a couple ;-)
A wee peek at some of the reclaimed books at No Books HQ.

I work with an ever rolling stock of 4000+ preowned and vintage books. I quarantine new arrivals for a couple of weeks, before prepping each one by hand, cleaning, counting and measuring their pages, checking the construction of the spine and strengthening if weak, before labelling appropriately and filing them away on one of the 15+ book cases that adorn No Books HQ.

I use wee, teeny tiny books, right up to encyclopaedia, and everything in between. My books come from people having a clear out, to auction and house clearances, to charity shops and warehouses, to leftover stock when bookshops close down, and by the pallet.

Almost every book I use would be in landfill if I hadn’t rescued it for rehabilitation for its new life 💝
I keep all “work” confined to my home office, but my “stock” is spread throughout the house - and with stock this pretty, it’s not exactly a bad thing 😍

These book cases are huge.  Each shelf holds three rows deep of books, and roughly 350/400 books in total.

I have 5 of these, adorning two walls of the lounge at No Books HQ

The downstairs hallway is home to another 3+ bookcases as well as the large under the stairs cupboard, where a lot of my packing materials live - boxes, bubble wrap etc.

In the actual No Books HQ home office, There's 3 walls of bookcases, as well as two large cupboards.  It's not always very tidy in here, but it's a very practical and hard working office space.  My happy place. 

Upstairs isn't even safe.  As well as a large walk in cupboard, which is mainly a stationery closet, and the entrance to the loft, where most of the kit is kept, there's a final 2 bookcases.


I get to call this amazing place my home and my work space, and I couldn't love this wee house any more if I tried. 

I hope you enjoyed this wee tour of No Books HQ.  I'd have tidied the shelves if I'd known you were coming ;-)

~ Jo 

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