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Hidden Treasure

I work with an ever rolling stock of 4500+ reclaimed hardbacked books.  Most of which have two things in common -

1) They've been pre-loved.
2) They were headed for landfill.  

They are treasures in their own right.  Each book has its own life and personality, depending on its previous life.  Different hues, different grains, different everything.  No two books ever fold the same, even if they're from the same collection.  I love it, it never gets boring ♥

And then, just occasionally, their pages reveal further treasure - in this case, a previous owner had pressed and saved some four leaf clovers.  I do wonder where they came from, and what sentimental story may be tied to them ♥  Certainly put a wee smile on my face, when I discovered them ♥

~ Jo

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