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Glow Up : Day 20 March Meet The Maker

Glow up!  This is an easy one! 

Since the dawn of the ages (well, since the birth of No Books Were Harmed, in 2014), I've struggled with taking photos of my sculptures.
I have tried EVERYTHING over the years.
I've borrowed fancy cameras that I barely understand, I've used point n shoot cameras, where I had to actually upload via a cable (!), in to photoshop, to add my watermark manually.  With the slowest computer in the world. I've invested in various semi-profesh lighting set ups, I've changed all my office lights to daylight bulbs, I've used light deflector thingies - and I don't think I've ever truly liked ANY photos I've taken.
I'm over it.  I will never be able to show the full beauty of my work, in a photo.  But this means that if you like what you see on here, you will be absolutely blown away by the real thing!
Better that, than the other way round, I guess?! haha
So I've gone back to some of my earliest photos, to show you the Glow Up.  And the 'kit' I use now?  Fuck all.  Snap on my iphone! hahahahaha
Taken in 2014    2014 vs 2022   Taken in 2022
Taken in 2014 I think   2014 vs 2021   Taken in 2021
Taken in 2016
2016 vs 2022
Taken in 2022




I'm taking part in this year's March Meet The Maker. It's primarily an Instagram thing, with the focus being on telling your story via photos.  You might have noticed, I take shite photos, but I can ramble on in type for ages haha So I'm going to mostly take part, right here, on

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