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Father's Day - done!

Last Sunday was Father's Day in the UK.  

Mr No Books and I are very lucky to both be in our 40s and still have our Dads, and top Dads they are, too!  

So it was fortuitous that following a couple of mega busy weeks folding mainly Dad books, the stars aligned, and Stewart and I were both off last Sunday (a rarity), so, with the low levels of restriction currently in place, we visited his folks and then mine.  We were actually inside my in law's for the first time in around 17 months - and we're usually outside at my folk's anyway. Nice to have normality creeping back - we couldn't even see our Dads last Father's Day. 

So this week has mostly been [thinking about but not quite] tidying up the office at No Books HQ.  I'd show you a photo, but it's beyond a shit tip haha It's not like me, I keep a fairly tidy office as a rule, cos my brain doesn't function well in clutter and mess. 

Anyhoo.  Not much to report without it turning in to about moan about Facebook being a dick, so I'll just leave it here for today ;-)

~ Jo

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