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Everything is bigger in Texas!

Heading off in tomorrow's courier uplift, is a top up of pretties for Lekka Retail Concepts, in Dallas, Texas.
Christopher and his team have been delighting customers with No Books Pretties for a couple of years now, and I just love when their orders drop in, as I've created a few bespoke designs for this fabulous shop, as well as their customer faves, being some of my favourites to fold! 
Delivery services are all over the place just now.  Last Tuesday, I dispatched two courier parcels.  One to America, one to Englandshire.  The American one arrived safely with the customer on FRIDAY (!) and the UK one is showing as 'out for delivery' today.  There's no rhyme nor reason haha I'm very lucky with our local couriers, and really can't complain.  As with most things, every individual does their best, just sometimes the chain doesn't connect so well :P
Anyhoo!  If you'd like to become a No Books Were Harmed stockist, and delight your customers, just like Christopher and dozens of others over the globe, pop over to today! 




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