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Easy like a Sunday morning

I’m satisfied by simple pleasures. It’s no bad thing. 

BC (remember, Before Corona), I travelled a LOT with, with most pop ups including at least Saturday & Sunday, if not Thursday-Sunday and a few full week long runs. I did around 100 pop ups a year, for many years, which meant that waking up in my own bed on a Sunday wasn’t a common occurrence, and even when I was home, there was a good chance my alarm was set for 4.30am to be up and out on time.

There was usually only a total of around 12/15 Sundays a year that I’d wake up at home, with nowhere to be, on a Sunday, and my daft little ritual, remembering what a treat this was, was to stay in bed and watch/doze through Sunday Brunch on Channel 4! 

Now I’ve been home every day for a year, you’d think the Sunday Brunch novelty would have worn off, but it hasn’t haha There’s something really decadent about dozing through a program, drinking tea, and with a self imposed rule that you can’t get up yet hahaha 

Easu like a Sunday morning.



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