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Christmas Lunch!

Looking forward to a wee Christmas lunch today - I maybe don't have work colleagues, but I do have gym buddies, and that's kinda the same thing 😜
It'll be a non-boozy one for me, as pops up tomorrow, for one last time this year 🙌
The weather earlier this week has played havoc with my carefully planned diary for deliveries and collections, And the dogs have barely been walked. BUT it actually got me a couple of days ahead of my folding diary - which means I'm STILL able to promise dispatch of your orders within 7 days! Amazing. In fact, unheard of, in TEN YEARS of Christmas, at! "The Spoon" will be resting until Sunday, now, but is already itching to get folding, and WOW, I have some FUN orders to fold, come Sunday morning ♥
~ Jo


  • Ahhh Reta! This is amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience! It was my absolute pleasure, and I do hope to be of service again soon ♥
    ~ Jo

    Jo from
  • We celebrated our family Christmas yesterday, and I can finally leave Jo the glowing review she more than deserves! I gifted family members two amazing nobookswereharmed pieces of art, and the recipients were as amazed at the beauty, novelty, and amazing handiwork as I was. Perfect gifts, lovely art to own and cherish. Jo is so great to work with, and made the whole process easy-peasy. In all the excitement, I forgot to take photos, but trust me, Moby Dick and Pride and Prejudice were GORGEOUS! Thanks, Jo! You’ve made a fan for life and I will definitely shop again!

    Reta K Horne

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