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Busy Day Off! Part 2

Yesterday was a day off.  

Mr No Books and I were looking forward to having Oktoberfest with my Mum & Dad.  We'd had to reschedule a couple of times, and it was third time lucky! 

Much Oktoberfest beer was drank, many schnitzels consumed, and lots of laughter.  Can't ask for much more than that, eh!?

In addition to last year's Oktoberfest hats, Mum had also got us really cool steampunk hats!  As you can tell, selfies are NOT our forte! hahaha  I think Stewart should wear this hat every day, he suits it so well! 


I was designated driver.  It's SO rare that Stewart actually drinks, that when he said he fancied a beer, I was like 'yup, you do that!'.  Means I missed out on sampling the tons of Oktoberfest beers that Dad had imported for us, but was well worth it to see a rather tipsy Mr No Books hahahah

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