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...and there it was!

First off, if you saw the attached photo and didn't, without hesitation, say out loud, or at the very least think what the next three words HAVE to be, then I fear I'm considerably older than you, and now I'm sad. 

I find lots of funny things in the books I fold.  I must get a collection of 'things' together to show you.  Foreign money, which would have been worth £100s, if it wasn't defunct currency. Shopping lists.  Receipts for things bought decades ago. Notes and love tokens. Snotty tissues.  Pressed flowers & four leaf clovers.  And amusing words!  

Such as "WHOOMF!"

If you know exactly what the ONLY appropriate follow up to WHOOMPH! is, please stick it in the comments box below, just to make me laugh all over again!

~ Jo


  • Yes, indeed it is!

    Jo from No Books Were
  • There it is?!

    Sarah T

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