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All orders dispatched within 7 days - except when they aren't

I know this is a blog, not a sales pitch, but I think this is worth mentioning. In January this year I looked back a few months of orders and diary, and decided I could just about risk making the bold claim that ALL orders will be dispatched within 7 days.

This is VERY different to how it used to be.  I design and fold everything personally, from scratch. That'll never change, that IS!
But in previous years, I've showcased my pretties with anything up to 100 times a year (there was one year it was just over the 100 mark).  That's a LOT of time spent out of office.  And a LOT of events to create stock for.  So my calendar was laid out a year in advance, my diary was carefully planned months in advance, and divvied up hour by hour for about 4-6 weeks ahead.  I never, never, never wasn't working. Not ever. And man I love that buzz of being 'on' the whole time!!! But 2020 changed everything, eh?  And cutting a huge long story short, with me only having a handful of pop ups instead of literal dozens, I was able to spend much more, unbroken time on purely designing and folding YOUR orders, without having to constantly keep on top of making stock for the next pop up.  The amazing bonus of this was, instead of my orders diary stretching out anything up to 5 months ahead of me, I was able to get straight to each order within a couple of days of receiving it!  And this continued for the whole of 2020.  And it was...nice!  

The upshot was, I was able to create and fold more of your actual commissions, in a very short space of time, compared to ever before!  With only having a few events, I can top up favorites slow time, as and when there's breaks between orders, instead of frantically fitting in orders between making stock. A subtle difference, but a completely different approach. It's also brought me 99% of the way to my long term goal - I always wanted to be purely folding to order, not creating 'crystal ball' pretties for events where they may or may not sell. Thank you 2020, that's on you that is!  And very timely too, because it's stopped me from knee jerk booking every event as the country has opened back up. 

So all orders are dispatched within 7 days. 
Except when they're not. 
Mother's Day, for example.  You broke me haha
I was working 19/20 hours a day for about 5 weeks, and finally in the first couple of days of March I had to admit defeat hahahaha

So I would still urge you to place your order as soon as you know what you'd like rather than wait until the last minute. Order levels peak and trough throughout the year, and whilst I don't envisage going over the 7 days until closer to Christmas (I will ALWAYS warn of this being imminent on my website, in #NoBooksNewsletters and on social media), it's not unheard of for me to open my emails to 3 trade customer orders on the same day, totaling 200+ books.  At that point, there will be no warning, and dispatch time will be adjusted swiftly hahaha

There is only me.

And I am LOVING this flip side way of working. 

But I still aint got no crystal ball ;-)

Hand folded - Never cut - Designer made - Book art

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